Audine Sagalyn

I weave multiple images into photographic compositions. My work focuses on industrial products, architecture or the urban landscape.

First transformation – The photograph I take photographs so as to explore the light, colors, textures and movement of forms. When de-contextualised, through the use of the close-up, the choice of light, depth of field, angle and focal point, I find that the subject matter becomes both a distillation of itself, and, paradoxically, unrecognizable.

Second transformation – The composition A second transformation takes place when I begin to juxtapose the images. The multiple, subtly varying full-frame photographs, the movement of curves or geometric forms, the play of light, and the juxtapostion of colors, together help to create a necessary visual resonance.

The photographic tableaux presented here spring from different projects created between 2005 and 2009. “Swedish Cascade” emerged from a project in which I explored the work environment of strategy and design consultants in Paris. “Fusain d’alu” was inspired by designer Marie Baratte’s work with aluminum. “Echo lines” and “Meaux” are part of my current project devoted to the urban landscape and explore the ways in which layers of time converge – ephemeral reflections in windows, a construction site and the imprints of buildings that no longer exist.

“Adine Sagalyn transforms the industrial banal. A detail does not stand in for the whole. Through replication, inversion, multiplication, it becomes the whole. A new whole. A single skylight we suddenly see as a fragment extracted from a shimmering heaven. After seeing her photos I cannot see a simple pipe, wheel or duct without seeing its possibilities of extension.“

William Kentridge