Gail Biederman

Drawing upon experience and memory, Gail Biederman's installations and works on paper act as psychogeographic maps. This year Biederman will have solo exhibitions at Real Art Ways (Hartford, CT) and Wave Hill (Bronx, NY). Previous solo exhibitions include Artspace (New Haven, CT) and Westchester Community College (Valhalla, NY). Her work has also been shown at the Bronx Museum of Art, the Katonah Museum of Art, Islip Art Museum's Carriage House, Smack Mellon, Cuchifritos, and Exit Art. Last year she was chosen as one of Smack Mellon's Hot Picks artists. Biederman participated in several artist residencies in New York City including the Artist in the Marketplace at the Bronx Museum of Art, the Special Editions Residency at the Lower East Side Printshop, the Artists Alliance Rotating Studio Program, and most recently, a LMCC Swing Space Residency on Governors Island. Her artwork has been reviewed in the New York Times and other publications.


"Through mapping, I examine the connections between body, identity, and place. Maps helps me realize where I am not only physically, but temporally and emotionally. Creating mood as much as meaning, my maps reconstruct places and events and restore them as new experiences.

I often begin with ordinary street maps of the places where I have lived and to which I remain connected. Through my manipulations, the messiness of real life enters into these dry abstractions. Sites are personalized. The autobiographical and the geographical fuse, and the border between interior and exterior dissolves.

Over time, my works have increasingly become more intuitive interpretations of places and events. While still using a map as a point of departure, my pieces transform objective records, shaping them with imagination and personal experience. By modifying maps and employing sensuous materials, I invite a viewer to travel to a new realm, an immersive space of flickering change."

Gail Biederman - Artist Bio