Steven Millar

"I am drawn to landscapes that are rife with paradoxes: promises and failures, utopian desires and complicated realities. I recreate these sites to be occupied emotionally and intellectually. Not naturalistic, but nonetheless true to the essence of a site, my pieces distill history and place and evoke as much as describe. I typically begin by making symbolic models, miniature versions of reality. These maquettes develop into sculptures and installations as well as related paintings and drawings.

In both my two and three dimensional work, simple blocks simulate housing units and, with a shifting sense of scale, suggest rooms, buildings, or entire neighborhoods. Whether I present urban or suburban locations, certain themes have remained constant: the complicated intersection of the built world, society, and nature, ideas of home and community, and the collisions of development. My art ultimately probes the relationship between particular spaces and individual identity, how we inhabit a space and how a space inhabits us."