Vicky Colombet

For the past two decades, Vicky Colombet has been exploring landscape in its representation and possibilities. Her paintings reveal themselves to the viewer slowly, as photographs develop in the darkroom. The artist makes her abstracted landscapes with a great sensibility to the surface, using oil and pigments to create a sedimentary topography on the canvas.

Colombet’s oils on canvas are, at first glance, a technical mystery. Drawing from Old Masters’ methods and a long and continued interest in physics, her technique has allowed her to approach landscape and painting both as a Minimalist, in the reductiveness and repetitive aspects of her imagery, and as a Land artist, in her use of natural materials and processes. Her more monochromatic pieces operate as pure abstractions, while others appear almost photographic.

Her new work in glass is a natural evolution in her quest for light, transparency and the nature of ambiguity, inherent in how we perceive the world. Again with natural processes, she carves out the glass evoking aerial sites and states of change: wind, ice and water eroding mountains, sea beds, deserts over time.