Brett Froomer

"A business suit. A doctor’s scrubs. A torn faded T shirt. No matter who we are and what we do, every day we’re draped with labels. Face The Day, a personal project by commercial director Brett Froomer, isn’t interested in such superficialities. Here is a project that is meant to capture our most complex and telling label: the face.

America is the most diverse nation in the world, and Brett’s mission is to leave no type uncelebrated. Face The Day is a photography-based project that sets out to capture different faces all across the country. At the end of the year, a Face the Day 2010 book will show hundreds of these portraits, highlighting our vast differences – and, more importantly – our striking similarities. This portrait isn’t your standard school photo – you can leave the steamed sweater at home. Face the Day is about the emotions we wear so vividly on our faces – our view of the world, and how we absorb its joys and weights. In a world full of photos that are dominated by touch-ups, our portraits let shine the raw beauty every face naturally has. Just check out some that we’ve already done."